Planning Advice

An archaeological condition attached to a planning consent is specified by your local Planning Authority who is advised, in Argyll and Bute, by West of Scotland Archaeology Service or in the Highlands, by Highland Council Archaeology Unit. However, in many cases WoSAS and HCAU may advise that a programme of archaeological works is carried out before a planning application is submitted in order to assess the potential impact of the development upon the archaeological resource. This latter approach may be beneficial to developers etc as adjustments can often be made to plans prior to the planning application being submitted and thus avoid unnecessary archaeological costs.
Argyll Archaeology offers pre-planning advice and guidance as well as guidance on the course of action required to ensure the discharge of any archaeological planning condition. Initial consultation is free.

Desk-based Assessments

A desk-based assessment is often required by the planning advisors on slightly larger developments as a precursor to an archaeological evaluation. A desk-based assessment is the collation and assessment of previously recorded information, resulting in the production of a stand-alone report. Occasionally a walkover survey which identifies potential archaeological remains visible from above the ground can also be required by the archaeological planning advisor at this stage. Argyll Archaeology offers both desk-based assessment and walkover survey services.

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